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How to install the hydroponic sprouting machine?
We will finish the installation before shipment. Essential accessories and operation manual are attached to the machine. After receiving the machine, you just need to plug into power supply and water supply. Then the machine can be used directly.

How long is the warranty period of the machine?
We are offering one year warranty for all the electronic components. We will provide free reparation service within warranty period.

Bean Sprouts Packaging Machine


Full Automatic Bean Sprouts Packaging Line
This full automatic sprouts packaging line can automatically complete the elevating, arranging, feeding, weighing, bag forming, filling and bag sewing of soybean sprouts, mung bean sprouts and other linear materials. Equipped with touch screen, PLC controls all the functions of the machine. Therefore, the worker can set all parameters on the PLC, very easy to understand and operate.bean_sprout_packaging
Characteristics of Bean Sprouts Packaging Machine
* Adjustable weight ranges, suitable for packaging OPP PVC PPC.
* Completely made of stainless steel structure, and SUS304 quality stainless steel used for parts exposed to materials.
* Weld bead grinding and surface polishing treatment.
* Considering the emergency measure, all the control system adopt auto control and manual control.
* Waterproofing design. Reasonable design for convenient cleaning.
Technological Flowchart of Bean Sprouts Packaging
Automatic material elevating→Material arranging→Material weighing (CJS5000T-DY Weighing Machine)→Weighted material elevating (Z Shape Elevator)→Material packaging (VFS5000T Auto Packaging Machine) →Packaged material conveying


Equipment in Bean Sprouts Packaging Line
1. Automatic Elevating and Feeding Device
Automatic finish the prior-feeding, elevating, arranging and feeding of bean sprouts. Including the following equipment:
a) Bean sprout prior-feeding machine
b) Automatic conversion device
c) Bean sprouts elevating and arranging machine
d) Bean sprouts auto feeding machine




2. CJS5000T-DY Auto Measuring Machine
Adopt high precision sensor with grade 0.02% and high-resolution controller, it can complete the measuring and filling of bean sprouts automatically. Equipped with independent control cabinet, it contributes to electronic weighing, digital setting and displaying, high accuracy and convenient operation.




3. Elevating Device
It is used for elevating the measured bean sprouts to material receiving port of packaging machine. The whole machine is all stainless steel structure, and the hanging bucket is movable. It consists of Z type elevator, middle hopper, air blowing device and photoelectric detecting device.



4. VFS5000T Auto Packaging Machine
It is used for automatic packaging the measured bean sprouts. This packing machine can finish the processes of bag forming, filling, sealing, cutting, printing, counting, etc automatically.
a)Use sheet of roll film, standard model or dedicated model for PE single film.
b)Bag Type: pillow bag
c)Color control photo-electricity length-fix or setting bag-length for your selection.
d)Automatic print the date, batch number, etc. and the print position is consistent.
e)Controlled by advanced touch screen, realizing the communication between man and machine.
5. Conveyor
6. General Control Cabinet and Electric Control System 
Bean Sprouts Packaging Machine Technical Parameters

Packing Products
Bean sprout
Weight Range
Bag Size
According to Customer’s Requirement
Bag Type
Pillow bag
Wrapping Material
OPP/PE, PAPERRR/ PE, PET/ PE, PP/ PE, Multi-layer, etc.
Measuring Accuracy
Detection Way
Automatic, Alarm and Reject
Compressed Air Requirement
0.6MPa 0.36m3/min
Power Source
AC380V ±10% 50Hz 3kW

Product: Bean Sprouts Packaging Machine