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How to install the hydroponic sprouting machine?
We will finish the installation before shipment. Essential accessories and operation manual are attached to the machine. After receiving the machine, you just need to plug into power supply and water supply. Then the machine can be used directly.

How long is the warranty period of the machine?
We are offering one year warranty for all the electronic components. We will provide free reparation service within warranty period.

The Nutritional Value of Bean Sprouts

 Bean has the reputation of "plant meat" for containing high protein, low fat, and its high protein utilization. Unfortunately, beans contain a lot of "anti-nutrition", such as phytic acid and trypsin inhibitors respectively interfere with the absorption of iron, zinc and other minerals and proteins. In the process of bean germination, the activity of phytase (with the characteristics of hydrolyzed phytic acid) keeps increasing, resulting in 40% decrease in the content of phytic acid, which is the main inhibitory factor of calcium, zinc and iron in beans. Vitamin B2, which can promote the absorption of calcium, zinc, iron, aspartic acid and other free amino acids, and some of the beneficial enzymes are significantly increased. In addition, vitamin C increases 40mg per 100g from 0. Data shows that germination of about 3 days, the bean sprouts with length of about 3 to 5 cm have the beat nutrition.
Bean sprouts can clear the stomach, antipyretic drugs, damp heat, clean teeth, have a good health care function. Clinical use of bean sprouts decoction treatment of boils, burns and other traumatic infections. Bean sprouts containing riboflavin can be used to treat oral ulcers, but also adjust the five internal organs, through the meridians, solution poison, can be used for excessive drinking, damp heat stagnation, eat less and body tired.

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Nutritional value of soybean sprouts
1.Bean sprouts have the effect as to eliminate heat, light eyes, benefiting Qi and nourishing blood, to prevent bleeding gums, cardiovascular sclerosis or low cholesterol.
2.In the spring it is easy to lack of vitamin B, eating more bean sprouts can be effective in the prevention and treatment of vitamin B deficiency.
3.Bean sprouts nutrition contained in vitamin E which can protect the skin and capillaries, to prevent small arteriosclerosis, prevent and treatment of high blood pressure.
4.In addition, because the bean sprouts nutrition rich in vitamin C, it is the beauty food. Soybean sprouts can nutrient  hair, keep the hair being black and bright, effectively dilute facial freckles. Soybean sprouts are good for young people to grow and prevent anemia. Eating soybean sprouts can anti-fatigue, anti-cancer.
Nutritional value of mung bean sprouts
Mung bean sprouts are the most cheap, and nutrition-rich, mung bean sprouts are also one of the foods that vegetarians are highly regarded. Mung bean in the germination process, vitamin C will increase a lot, and some of the protein will be decomposed into a variety of amino acids, it can reach seven times the original content of mung bean, so the nutritional value of green bean sprouts greater than mung beans’.
Mung bean sprouts have a high medicinal value, in Chinese medicine mung bean sprouts is cool-natured and sweet, to not only relieve internal heat or fever, but also tonifying kidney, diuresis, apocatastasis, nourishment for vitality, adjust the internal organs, beautiful skin, damp heat, lowering blood fat and softening blood vessels.

Bean sprouts is one of the most popular fresh vegetables in people's lives, the production of bean sprouts do not take arable land, do not need strong labor, just only needs a automatic bean sprouting machine, the general staff can produce. It is only four to five days for beans sprouting, small cost with quick effect. The production of bean sprouts do not limited by season, do not worry about the drought and flood disasters throughout the year, whenever and wherever possible can be produced on the supply of vegetables.